CAR-T Cell Expansion _QC

In nearly 5 years ProMab Biotechnologies has developed over 30 types of CAR-T/NK cells and target cells with several patented innovations in the CAR construct design. We can construct a CAR based on your antibody sequence or we can generate the entire construct from a mouse monoclonal antibody or fully human single-chain variable antibody fragment (scFv) from our existing library.

At the time a CAR-T or CAR-NK cell has been optimized for cytotoxic effect we are able to ramp up large scale expansion of the cell lines.


ProMab Biotechnologies Custom Chimeric Antigen Receptor Cell Engineering: A complete service, from antigen to clinically relevant solution.

ProMab Biotechnologies' CD3/CD28 beads (Catalog # PM-CAR2002) lead to effective activation and expansion of CAR-T cells in a one-liter bag. >2x109 cells are obtained using the Wave Cell Expansion system. The CAR-T cells have high cytotoxic activity and pass multiple QC tests before being added to our catalog.

 Before any CAR-T and CAR-NK cells are listed on our catalog they must pass a mycoplasma test, bacterial/ fungal culture, endotoxin test, cell killing assay, and viability after cyropreservation.

If there is a need for a clinical application of the CAR-T or CAR-NK cells then we can access our on-campus GMP facility for massive production of lentiviruses and the cells, as well. 

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