E. coli Expression

ProMab Biotechnologies has years of experience providing CRO services with a skilled team of scientists who will aid you in developing your protein or peptide of interest. We offer protein expression services utilizing e. coli expression, baculovirus expression, mammalian expression, with additional services including gene synthesis and peptide synthesis. 

Recombinant protein expression typically begins with designing and producing a plasmid that encodes for the desired protein. Following the construction, the plasmid is introduced into the host cell and scaled-up to induce protein expression. The cells are lysed and the proteins are extracted, purified, and validated using SDS-PAGE and western blotting. 

E. coli is widely used as a host cell to produce recombinant proteins with pharmaceutical or industrial targets. E. coli expression systems are easy to purify, cost and time efficient, and have good stability and high expression. However, due to a deficiency of post-translational modification machinery in E. coli, proteins will not be modified unlike in mammalian cells.