Custom Gamma Delta T Cell Development

ProMab Biotechnologies has developed a growing list of engineered cell lines including CAR-T/NK cells and target cell lines for many different tumor antigens.

In nearly 5 years we have developed over 60 types of CAR-T/NK cells and target cells with several patented innovations in the CAR construct design. In this space, we have acted upon engineering further subsets and other classes of immune cells.

Gamma delta T cells are an interesting immunotherapy tool. Thanks to its innate and adaptive properties, gamma delta T cells can have better potency to more difficult tumors. Several studies have shown that gamma delta can robustly kill a wide range of solid and hematopoietic tumor cells. In addition, due to its MHC-independent nature, there’s less risk of Graft vs Host Disease (GVHD). Gamma delta T cells can also act as APC to prime T cell activity and promote class switching in B cells, further augmenting the tumor prognosis.


Our high-level custom Gamma Delta T cell engineering service includes custom vector design, transduction of gamma delta T cells, expansion of gamma delta T cells, and testing in vitro and in vivo assays and more. Gamma Delta T cells have many advantages over regular alpha beta T cells such as:

  • Non-MHC dependency
  • Less chance of Graft vs Host disease
  • Natural potent anti-tumor activity
  • Innate and adaptive immune cell properties
  • Can act as APC

Service Plans and Prices

PLAN A - Gamma Delta CAR-T Cells

Phase III Synthesis and cloning of an scFv with selected CAR domains into a lentivirus vector. Generation of lentivirus viral particles. $10,000
Phase IV Gamma delta T cell activation, lentiviral transduction, and Gamma Delta CAR-T expansion. $10,000
Phase V RTCA/Cytokine assays to determine cell cytotoxicity and functionality $10,000
Phase VI NSG/NOG xenograft model starting at $20,000

 Interested in ready-to-use Gamma Delta CAR-T Cells? ProMab can generate anti-CD19 or anti-BCMA gamma delta CAR-T cells as well! Contact us to learn more.