Antibody Generation and Validation

ProMab Biotechnologies has been dedicated from the first day to develop monoclonal antibodies of the highest quality.

We have invested in the recombinant antibody technology to effectively immortalize the best hybridoma clones by sequencing their genes. We are defining the binding region of the antibodies based on the genetic sequence of the single chain variable region (scFv). This has given us the ability to extend our antibody engineering capabilities, including the generation of bispecific antibodies.

One of the most important factors in effective chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) design is having the scFv that recognizes the unique cancer cell marker specifically and with optimal affinity.


ProMab Biotechnologies Custom Chimeric Antigen Receptor Cell Engineering: A complete service, from antigen to clinically relevant solution.

Available in Custom Package:

  •  scFv Validation
  • Production of a recombinant antibody library
  • Sequence information for both the Heavy and Light chains.
  • Delivery of stable expression plasmid

We know how to generate an antibody that is specific to the immunizing antigen and that works for the intended application.

Your CAR-T scFv Could Be Generated From One Of Our Three Antibody Production Platforms:

Mouse monoclonal antibodies

Human monoclonal antibodies

Rabbit monoclonal antibodies

To decrease the immunogenicity of monoclonal antibodies derived from rodents, ProMab Biotechnologies uses a rational approach based on antibody sequence and 3D structure by computer modeling and docking programs. In brief, steps include: hybridoma sequencing, analysis of the scFv by different bioinformatics and computer programs, generating best models and retesting humanized scFvs in a CAR-T setting.

 We provide comprehensive tools for scFv validation in vitro. The scFv validation platform contains an antigen/cell binding assay, a cell killing assay, and a cytokine induction assay. Our tools include 1) 42 DNA fingerprint-certified authenticated cell lines; 2) 8,000 tissue blocks - 5000 from diseased tissues, 3000 from normal tissues; 3) >30 types of primary cells. All of these can be used for antigen expression profiling to improve the CAR-T therapeutic index.

Tissue Array For IHC Staining

This is done by a group of bioinformaticists and antibody engineering experts with many years of experience in antibody humanization with references below.


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Other Components of the CAR Platform: