CAR-T cells

CAR-T/CAR-NK Products

Promab Biotechnologies has generated different CAR-T/CAR-NK products such as: CAR-T cells are T cells either from the group of donors or from individual donor transduced with CAR (Chimeric antigen receptor)-lentivirus. The CAR-T cells can target different tumor antigens such CD19, CD133, Her-2, EGFR, VEGFR-2, mesothelin that are highly over-expressed in tumors. The CAR-T cells can express inducible caspase-9 or other suicide gene to induce CAR-T cell killing for increased safety in case this construct in future will be proposed to use in clinical trials. All CAR-T cells are checked for transduction efficiency (Fab Ab by Flow cytometry), cell killing activity: IL-2, IFN-gamma assay; and Real time cytotoxicity activity). All CAR-T cells have negative mock controls: lentivirus-transduced CAR-T cells, no ScFv-transduced CAR-T cells and non transduced T cells.


Promab Biotechnologies has generated the following CAR-T products:

CAR-T Cells

Catalog # Description Cell Number Price DataSheet
PM-CAR1000-1M 'Mock' ScFv Control 1x10 6 /vial $1,000 pdf icon
PM-CAR1001-1M CD19scFv-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 6 /vial $1,000 pdf icon
PM-CAR1002-1M CD19scFv-4-1BB-CD3ζ 1x10 6 /vial $1,000 pdf icon
PM-CAR1003-1M CD19scFv-CD28-4-1BB-CD3ζ 1x10 6 /vial $800 pdf icon
PM-CAR1004-1M CD19scFv-CD28-4-1BB 1x10 6 /vial $800 pdf icon
PM-CAR1006-1M iCas9-T2A-antiCD19scFv-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 6 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1007-1M CD19scFv-FLAG-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 6 /vial $1,000 pdf icon
PM-CAR1008-1M no scFv-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 6 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1009-1M CD19scFv-CD28 1x10 6 /vial $800 pdf icon
PM-CAR1010-1M iCas9 HA-T2A-antiCD19scFv-CD28-CD3ζ−GGGS-FLAG 1x10 6 /vial $1,000 pdf icon
PM-CAR1011-1M Mesothelin scFv-CD28-CD3ζ (2nd) 1x10 6 /vial $1,000 pdf icon
PM-CAR1012-1M Mesothelin scFv-CD28-4-1BB-CD3ζ (3rd) 1x10 6 /vial $1,000 pdf icon
PM-CAR1013-1M Mesothelin scFv-4-1BB-CD3ζ (2nd) 1x10 6 /vial $1,000 pdf icon
PM-CAR1014-1M Mesothelin scFv-FLAG-CD28-4-1BB-CD3ζ (3rd) 1x10 6 /vial $1,000 pdf icon
PM-CAR1015-1M Mesothelin scFv-FLAG-4-1BB-CD3ζ (2nd) 1x10 6 /vial $1,000 pdf icon
PM-CAR1016-1M VEGFR2scFv-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 6 /vial $1,000 pdf icon
PM-CAR1017-1M GPC3 scFv-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 6 /vial $1,000 pdf icon
PM-CAR1018-1M CD133 scFv-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 6 /vial $1,000 pdf icon
PM-CAR1019-1M EpCAM1 scFv-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 6 /vial $1,000 pdf icon
PM-CAR1020-1M EpCAM*scFv-CD28-CD3ζ * NheI restriction site introduced, N-terminal of scFV (amino acids: AS) 1x10 6 /vial $1,000 pdf icon
PM-CAR1021-1M EGFRscFv-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 6 /vial $1,000 pdf icon
PM-CAR1022-1M EGFRscFv-4-1BB-CD3ζ 1x10 6 /vial $1,000 pdf icon
PM-CAR1023-1M EGFRscFv-GITR-CD3ζ 1x10 6 /vial $1,000 pdf icon
PM-CAR1024-1M Her2 scFv-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 6 /vial $1,000 pdf icon
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Non-Transduced T Cells

The non-transduced T cells are available in frozen vials that can be activated and expanded with CD28/CD3 beads and used as a negative control in all assays with CAR-T cells. Promab Biotechnologies has non transduced T cells from different donor that can be used in the assay to test individual differences among different donors.

Catalog # Description Cell Number Price DataSheet
PM-CAR2003 Non-transduced T-cells, healthy donor 1x10 6 /vial $500 pdf icon
PM-CAR2004 Non-transduced T-cells, ALL 1x106/vial $500 pdf icon
PM-CAR2005 Non-transduced T-cells, CLL 1x106/vial $500 pdf icon
PM-CAR2006 Non-transduced T-cells, NHL 1x106/vial $500 pdf icon

Engineered CAR-T Target Cells

Promab Biotechnologies has developed several target cell lines to be used in cytotoxicity assays with CAR-T effector cells. These cells express tumor antigen that is overexpressed in malignant cells, can have GFP or luciferase for in vivo studies.

Catalog # Description Marker Cell Number Price Datasheet
PM-Raji-GFP Raji-GFP stable expression CD19+, eGFP 1x106/vial $6,000 pdf icon
PM-Jurkat-GFP Jurkat-GFP stable expression CD19-, eGFP 1x106/vial $6,000 pdf icon
PM-K562-GFP K562-GFP stable expression CD19-, eGFP 1x106/vial $6,000 pdf icon
PM-HELA-CD19 HeLa-CD19 stable expression CD19+ 1x106/vial $8,000 pdf icon
PM-CHO-CD19 CHO-CD19 stable expression CD19+ 1x106/vial $6,000 pdf icon


Catalog # Description Cell Number Price DataSheet
PM-CAR2007 PBMC, ALL 1x106/vial $500 pdf icon
PM-CAR2008 PBMC-CLL 1x106/vial $500 pdf icon
PM-CAR2009 PBMC-NHL 1x106/vial $500 pdf icon

Cell Media and Activation Beads

Catalog # Description Volume/Unit Price DataSheet
PM-CAR2000 CAR-T Cell Expansion Medium (human serum) 500 ML $899 pdf icon
PM-CAR2001 CAR-T Cell Medium(Fetal Bovine Serum) 500 ML $599 pdf icon
PM-CAR2002-2ML CD28/CD3 PM-T-Cell Activation/Expansion Beads   2  ML $499 pdf icon
PM-CAR2002-10ML CD28/CD3 PM-T-Cell Activation/Expansion Beads  10 ML $1,400 pdf icon

Under Current Development

Her-3(Erb-3) Her-4(Erb-4) CEA EGFRviii PSMA CD20
BCMA VEGFR-1 VEGFR-3 CD22 c-Met Lewis A
ROR-1 CD326 CD133

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