CAR-T Cells

Promab Biotechnologies has generated CARs (chimeric antigen receptors) specific for a variety of target antigens, many of which are overexpressed on tumor cells. These target antigens include CD19, CD22, CD133, Her-2, EGFR, Mesothelin, and more (see Table, below). In addition, Promab has modified the CARs in a number of ways to increase their utility, including adding inducible caspase-9 as a safety switch; adding non-immunogenic tags to provide for CAR identification and selection; and using different costimulatory domains to modulate CAR functional responses.

Promab Biotechnologies uses high-titer lentivirus transduction to introduce the CARs into T cells, generating CAR-T cells. Promab has also generated CAR-NK cells and CAR-macrophages for a subset of CARs. The CAR-T cells are validated using multiple methods, including flow cytometry (to determine the CAR-T frequency and phenotype), real-time and end-point cytotoxicity assays, cytokine production and checkpoint protein upregulation.

For a negative control, Promab has generated a mock CAR which lacks the target-recognizing scFv domain but can be detected with the Beam-2 antibody. Promab also offers non-transduced T cells as another negative control.


Promab Biotechnologies has generated the following CAR-T products:

CAR-T Cells

Catalog # Description Cell Number Price DataSheet
PM-CAR1000-1M Mock scFv-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1001-1M CD19 scFv-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1002-1M CD19 scFv-4-1BB-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1003-1M CD19 scFv-CD28-4-1BB-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1004-1M CD19 scFv-CD28-4-1BB 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1005-1M CD19scFv-TM-41BB-CD3z-T2A-GFP 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1006-1M iCas9-T2A-antiCD19 scFv-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1007-1M CD19 scFv-FLAG-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1008-1M no scFv-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1009-1M CD19 scFv-CD28 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1010-1M iCas9 HA-T2A-antiCD19scFv-CD28-CD3ζ−GGGS-FLAG 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1011-1M Mesothelin scFv-CD28-CD3ζ  1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1012-1M Mesothelin scFv-CD28-4-1BB-CD3ζ (3rd) 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1013-1M Mesothelin scFv-4-1BB-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1014-1M Mesothelin scFv-FLAG-4-1BB-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1015-1M Mesothelin scFv-4-1BB-CD3ζ-FLAG 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1016-1M VEGFR2 scFv-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1017-1M GPC3 scFv-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1018-1M CD133 scFv-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1019-1M EpCAM1 scFv-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1020-1M EpCAM scFv-CD28-CD3ζ * NheI restriction site introduced, N-terminal of scFV (amino acids: AS) 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1021-1M EGFR scFv-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1022-1M EGFR scFv-4-1BB-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1023-1M EGFR scFv-TM28-GITR-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1024-1M Her2 scFv-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1025-1M EGFR scFv-TM28-CD3ζ-GITR 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1026-1M CD33 scFv-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1027-1M CD38 scFv-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1028-1M CD138 scFv-Beam1-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1029-1M CD22 scFv-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1030-1M CD22 scFv-TM8-4-1BB-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1031-1M BCMA-4-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1032-1M CD4 scFv-Beam1-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1033-1M Humanized BCMA-2 scFv-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1034-1M Mouse ROR-1 scFv-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1035-1M CD19 scFv-CD22 scFv-4-1BB-CD3ζ  1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1036-1M Humanized CEA scFv-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1037-1M BCMA-4 scFv-TM8-4-1BB-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1038-1M NGFR scFv-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1039-1M MCAM scFv-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1040-1M CD47 scFv-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1041-1M Humanized CD47 scFv-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1042-1M Humanized CD19 scFv-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1043-1M Humanized CD19 scFv-Beam1-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1044-1M Human ROR1 scFv-TM28-4-1BB-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1045-1M PDL-1 scFv-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1046-1M CD123 scFv-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1047-1M CD22 scFv-Beam2-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1048-1M CD19 scFv-Beam2-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1049-1M CD19 scFv-CD22 scFv-4-1BB-CD3-T2A-tEGFR (Suicide switch) 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1050-1M CD19 scFv-CD22 scFv-4-1BB-CD3-T2A-RQR8 (Ritiximab suicide switch) 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1051-1M BCMA-2 scFv-TM-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1052-1M CD37 scFv-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1053-1M CD37 scFv-TM28-4-1BB-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1054-1M CD19 scFv-TM28-GITR-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1055-1M CD19 scFv-TM8-GITR-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1056-1M CD33 scFv-Beam 2-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1057-1M CS1 scFv-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1058-1M B7H4 scFv-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1059-1M CD24 scFv-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1060-1M Mesothelin scFv-TM28-CD28-4-1BB-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1061-1M Beam2-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ (Mock)  1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1062-1M CD20 scFv-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1063-1M Her2 scFv-4-1BB-CD3ζ-EGFRt 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1064-1M Her2 scFv-4-1BB-CD3ζ-GFP 1x10 /vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR1065-1M c-MET scFv-4-1BB-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1066-1M CD19 scFv-FLAG-CD28-CD3ζ-EGFRt 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1067-1M CD19 scFv-FLAG-4-1BB-CD3ζ-EGFRt 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1068-1M EpCAM scFv-TM-4-1BB-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1069-1M PSMA scFv-4-1BB-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1070-1M Her2 scFv-4-1BB-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1071-1M CD19 scFv-4-1BB-CD3ζ-GFP 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1072 EphA2scFv-TM-4-1BB-CD3z 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1073 CD38scFv-TM-4-1BB-CD3z 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1074 CD70scFv-TM-4-1BB-CD3z 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1075 CD147scFv-TM-4-1BB-CD3z 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1076 EpCAMscFv-4-1BB-CD3z 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1077 CLDN18.2scFv-TM-4-1BB-CD3z 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1078 FRalpha scFv-4-1BB-CD3z 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1079 ⍺FPscFv-TM-4-1BB-CD3ζ 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1080 CD20scFv-4-1BB-CD3z 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1081 CD22scFv-4-1BB-CD3z 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1083 Her2scFv-TM-CD28-CD3z /// GFP 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1084 Her2scFv-TM-CD28-CD3z /// tEGFR 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1085 GPC3scFv-TM-4-1BB-CD3z 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1086 3xTF-TM-4-1BB-CD3z 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1087 CD19scFv-TF-CD28-4-1BB-CD3z 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1088 CD19scFv-FLAG-CD28-4-1BB-CD3z /// GFP 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1089 EGFRscFv-TM-4-1BB-CD3z /// GFP 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1090 CD19 scFv-FLAG-4-1BB-CD3z /// GFP 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1091 PSCA scFv-4-1BB-CD3z 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1092 CLL-1 scFv-4-1BB-CD3z 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1093 CA-125 scFv-4-1BB-CD3z 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1094 GD2 scFv-4-1BB-CD3z 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon
PM-CAR1095 Mucin-1 scFv-4-1BB-CD3z 1x10 /vial $1,200 Coming Soon

CAR Macrophage Cells

Catalog # Description Cell Number Price DataSheet
PM-CARMA01 CD19 scFv-Flag CAR THP-1 Cells 1x10/vial $6,000 pdf icon
PM-CARMA02 Mesothelin scFv CAR THP-1 Cells 1x106/vial $6,000 pdf icon

Non-Transduced T Cells

The non-transduced T cells are available in frozen vials that can be activated and expanded with CD28/CD3 beads and used as a negative control in all assays with CAR-T cells. Promab Biotechnologies has non transduced T cells from different donor that can be used in the assay to test individual differences among different donors.

Catalog # Description Cell Number Price DataSheet
PM-CAR2003 Non-transduced T cells, healthy donor 1x10/vial $550 pdf icon
PM-CAR2004 Non-transduced T cells, ALL 1x106/vial $550 pdf icon
PM-CAR2005 Non-transduced T cells, CLL 1x106/vial $550 pdf icon
PM-CAR2006 Non-transduced T cells, NHL 1x106/vial $550 pdf icon
PM-CAR2007 Non-transduced T cells CD4T cells 1x106/vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR2008 Non-transduced T cells CD8T cells 1x106/vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR2009 Non-transduced T CD4Tcm cells  1x106/vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR2010 Non-transduced CD4Tem cells   1x106/vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR2011 Non-transduced Tnaïve cells  1x106/vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR2012 Non-transduced Tcm cells 1x106/vial $1,200 pdf icon
PM-CAR2014 Trasnduced GFP+ T cells 1x106/vial $1,200 pdf icon

Non-Transduced Macrophages

Catalog # Description Cell Number Price DataSheet
PM-CAR2013 Non-transduced Macrophage Cells 1x106/vial $550 pdf icon

Engineered CAR-T Target Cells

ProMab has developed several target cell lines to be used in cytotoxicity assays with CAR-T effector cells. These cells express specific tumor antigens that are overexpressed in malignant cells, or can have GFP or luciferase for in vivo studies, or knockout target antigens by CRISPR.

Catalog # Description Marker Cell Number Price Datasheet
PM-Raji-GFP Raji-GFP-LUC stable expression GFP+, LUC+, CD19+ 1x106/vial $6,000 pdf icon
PM-Jurkat-GFP Jurkat-GFP-LUC stable expression GFP+, LUC+, CD19 1x106/vial $6,000 pdf icon
PM-K562-GFP K562-GFP-LUC stable expression GFP+, LUC+, CD19 1x106/vial $6,000 pdf icon
PM-BxPC3-GFP-LUC BxPC3-GFP-LUC stable expression GFP+, LUC+ 1x106/vial $6,000 pdf icon
PM-RPMI8226-GFP-LUC RPMI8226-GFP-LUC stable expression GFP+, LUC+ 1x106/vial $6,000 pdf icon
PM-H929-GFP-LUC H929-GFP-LUC stable expression GFP+, LUC+ 1x106/vial $6,000 pdf icon
PM-SKOV-3-GFP-LUC SKOV3-GFP-LUC stable expression GFP+, LUC+ 1x106/vial $6,000 pdf icon
PM-CD19-HELA CD19-HeLa stable expression CD19+ 1x106/vial $6,000 pdf icon
PM-BCMA-HELA-GFP BCMA-HeLa-GFP stable expression GFP+ 1x106/vial $6,000 pdf icon
PM-BCMA-CHO BCMA-CHO stable expression BCMA+ 1x106/vial $8,000 pdf icon
PM-CS1-HELA-GFP CS1-HeLa-GFP stable expression GFP+ 1x106/vial $6,000 pdf icon
PM-CD19-CHO CD19-CHO stable expression CD19+ 1x106/vial $8,000 pdf icon
PM-CD22-CHO CD22-CHO stable expression CD22+ 1x106/vial $8,000 pdf icon
PM-CD37-CHO CD37-CHO stable expression CD37+ 1x106/vial $8,000 pdf icon
PM-CD47-CHO CD47-CHO stable expression CD47+ 1x106/vial $8,000 pdf icon
PM-CS1-CHO CS1-CHO stable expression CS1+ 1x106/vial $8,000 pdf icon
PM-BCMA-K562-GFP BCMA-K562-GFP stable expression GFP+ 1x106/vial $6,000 pdf icon
PM-SKOV3-ROR1-KO ROR1 knockout SKOV3 cell line ROR1- 1x106/vial $6,000 pdf icon
PM-HeLa-ROR1-KO ROR1 knockout HeLa cell line ROR1- 1x106/vial $6,000 pdf icon

Cell Media and Activation Beads

Catalog # Description Volume/Unit Price DataSheet
PM-CAR2000 CAR-T Cell Medium (Human Serum) 500 ML $999 pdf icon
PM-CAR2001 CAR-T Cell Medium (Fetal Bovine Serum) 500 ML $659 pdf icon
PM-CAR2002-2ML CD28/CD3 PM-T-Cell Activation/Expansion Beads 2 ML $599 pdf icon
PM-CAR2002-10ML CD28/CD3 PM-T-Cell Activation/Expansion Beads 10 ML $1,900 pdf icon

Under Current Development

Her-3(Erb-3) Her-4(Erb-4) CEA EGFRviii PSMA CD20
VEGFR-1 VEGFR-3 c-Met Lewis A ROR-1 CD326
MUC1 PSCA PSA CA-125 (MUC16) Notch FLT-3

CAR Detection Probes

Catalog # Description Unit Size Price DataSheet
PM-AB001 Beam1 Antibody 100ul, 1 vial $449 pdf icon
PM-AB002 Beam2 Antibody 100ul, 1 vial $449 pdf icon
PM-AB003 BCMA Biotinylated Protein 50ug, 1 vial $449 pdf icon
PM-AB004 Mesothelin Biotinylated Protein 50ug, 1 vial $449 pdf icon