Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies

ProMab Biotechnologies dedicated itself from the first day to develop monoclonal antibodies almost exclusively.We have an onsite vivarium and working to establish a GMP facility soon. We keep a veterinarian on staff to make sure our mice and other animals are in the best health.




Included in Custom Package

  • Peptide Design
  • Immunization of 5 Balb/c mice
  • Western Blot screening with antigen
  • Evaluation of titer by ELISA
  • Screening of 10 clones by ELISA from an initial pool of 1000 clones
  • Sub-cloning and expansion of 2 clones
  • Antibody isotyping
  • 2 vials of hybridoma cells cryopreserved and stored for 6 months

We know how to generate an antibody that is specific to the immunizing antigen and that works for the intended application.

Our technical staff with decades of experience in immunology, biochemistry, and molecular biology will be there to guide your through the 10 to 14-week process.





* It is possible for certain antigens and certain mice to have stronger immune response than others. It typically takes 5 injections of antigen into mice for a mature immune response. Sometimes additional immunization boosts are required which can add another 2 to 4 weeks to the project. There are also times when it only requires 3 immunization boosts to get the desired titer.

Supernatant from 10 clones (or more if selected) will be sent to the client for in-house evaluation and use feedback to select 2 sub-clones (or more if selected). The Custom Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Package starts at $6,995.


phase Week Description of Process Included Additional Cost  
Phase 0 (Initial Design) Week 1 Peptide Design    
Peptide Synthesis   $750 Request a Quote
Peptide Conjugation   $300 Request a Quote
Synthesis + Conjugation   $1000 Request a Quote
Phase I (Immunization) Week 2 Immunization of 5 mice    
Immunization of 10 mice or more   $300 setup fee $50/mouse Request a Quote
Week 4 2nd Injection of antigen (immunization boost)    
Week 6 3rd Injection of antigen (immunization boost)    
Week 7 Polyclonal sera collected    
Phase Week 7.5 ELISA evaluation of titer    
Phase I Week 8 Week 9 4th Injection of antigen (immunization boost)    
Polyclonal sera collected    
Week 4 ELISA evaluation of titer    
Week 10 5th Injection of antigen (immunization boost)    
Week 11 Polyclonal sera collected    
ELISA evaluation of titer    
Phase II (Cloning) Week 12 Picking 10 clones from a pool of 3000 clones $3,595  
Picking 11 clones or more   $50/clone Request a Quote
Negative screening – testing to make sure clones don’t cross-react   $500/antigen Request a Quote
Screening with Western Blot $500  
Screening with different applications
$500/application Request a Quote
Phase III (Subcloning) Week 13 2 sub-clones will be selected, isotyped and expanded into T25 flasks $1,400  
Picking 3 sub-clones or more $500/sub-clone Request a Quote
Cell line adaptation to serum free media   $1200/sub-clone Request a Quote
Week 14 Cryopreservation of hybridoma cells and shipment within the U.S.A.  

Additional Add-On Services

Ascites Production
($300 hybridoma setup fee)
< 11 mice $60/mouse Request a Quote
11 - 50 mice $55/mouse Request a Quote
51 – 99 mice $50/mouse Request a Quote
>100 mice $45/mouse Request a Quote
Ascites Purification Any number of mice $60/mouse  
Hybridoma Cells Expansion (Antibody Production) Hybridoma cells in bioreactor (1 liter of supernatant) $3,200/clone Request a Quote
Hybridoma cells in bioreactor (500ml of supernatant) $2,600/clone Request a Quote
Antibody Purification (supernatant into 1 mg/ml solution) 1 liter $1000 Request a Quote
100 ml $400 Request a Quote
1 ml $40 Request a Quote
Antibody Labeling FITC $1000 Request a Quote
HRP $1000 Request a Quote
Biotin $1000 Request a Quote
Epitope Mapping Identify the exact epitope of the antigen – antibody binding site Please inqiure Request a Quote
Cold Storage (Liquid Nitrogen) 2 vials after 6 months $60/month Request a Quote
3 vials or more $30/vial/month Request a Quote


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