Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies

Antibodies are the immunoglobulins that bind to a target antigen; as such, they have enormous applications in research, medicine, diagnostic testing, and therapy. To isolate monoclonal antibodies to a protein of interest, ProMab employs two approaches: immunization of mice and screening of hybridoma-derived antibodies or antigen screening against our naïve human Fab library. The immunization of mice is an attractive method as high-affinity and specific antibodies are produced in reproducible and scalable amounts. 

ProMab’s custom monoclonal antibody platform utilizes hybridoma technology to generate the desired mouse monoclonal antibody. We have generated over 2000 mouse monoclonal antibodies, complete with specification documentations and figures. The 20 week process includes peptide design, immunization of mice, hybridoma production, and various bioassays to evaluate and confirm the successful generation of the antibody. Our dedicated scientists with decades of experience in immunology, biochemistry, and molecular biology will aid you in the process of designing the custom monoclonal antibody based on your desired target. 



Our dedicated team of scientists know how to generate the mouse monoclonal antibody that is specific to the immunizing antigen and that works for the intended application. You can learn more about the process of our monoclonal antibody production service or request a quote below:


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Phase I-II

The first step to generate the desired antibodies involves immunizing Balc/c mice with a specific antigen. If you require a custom monoclonal antibody production, our team at ProMab can help you design the peptide sequence for your project. While immunizing mice produces high-affinity and specific antibodies, it is possible for certain antigens and mice to have a stronger immune response than others. To receive a mature immune response, 5 injections of antigen into mice are typically needed; however, it is possible that more or less immunization boosts are required which would increase or decrease the timeline by another 2 to 4 weeks to get the desired titer. Generally, immunization will take approximately 10 weeks. 

Following sacrifice, the extracted spleen cells will be fused with compatible myeloma cell lines (Sp 2/0 cells) to generate the hybridoma cells for selection via ELISA. The presence of the desired antibodies is identified using ELISA but additional services including western blot and flow cytometry are available upon request. 

The supernatant from 10 hybridoma clones (or more if selected) will be selected based on ELISA performance and sent to the client for in-house evaluation. The client can choose two clones (or more if selected) which we will further subclone and assay to ensure monoclonality and stability. The Custom Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Package starts at $6,995.

Phase III