Antibody Production

ProMab Biotechnologies has 2 decades of experience generating highly specific and potent monoclonal antibodies. We have generated thousands of hybridoma cell lines for our catalog and custom projects for clients from academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies. These monoclonal antibodies are typically produced by inoculation of a suitable mammal, such as a mouse, rabbit or goat. Larger mammals are often preferred since there is greater amount of serum that can be collected.

We offer in vivo and in vitro monoclonal antibody production service either alongside our custom antibody service or standalone expansion of our client’s hybridoma cell line.


 Antibody production requires 2 – 4 weeks and ranges from $800 to $1,100 with purifications

The expansion of hybridoma cell lines, once ELISA-based data has confirmed specificity and general affinity of an antibody to its antigen, will proceed in culture using media supplemented by fetal bovine serum (FBS). While acting as an invaluable growth supplement, the wide range of proteins found in FBS,
and some at relatively abundant levels, will prove problematic for purification of a monoclonal antibody(mAb).

ProMab makes every effort to ensure when using our in vitro monoclonal antibody service, you will receive a monoclonal antibody (mAb) of highest purity. Therefore, once the expansion and establishment of a hybridoma is complete, cells will be gradually weaned away from media containing FBS to a completely serum-free media. As soon as the serum-free media growth characteristics of the hybridoma line approximate those of cells in the presence of FBS, cell growth will continue either in shake-flasks, or in spinner flasks (while monoclonal antibodies, mAb, yield would often dictate a preference for the use of spinner flasks, growth properties of specific hybridoma’s will require the use of the shake flask exclusively). As cells continue to grow, media will be withdrawn and replaced continuously until a minimum volume of 1 liter of antibody-containing media has been collected.

Serum-free media containing the monoclonal antibody (mAb) is then passed over a Protein G column, thereby binding, and purifying the monoclonal antibody (mAb) from all other media components.

In Vitro Monoclonal Antibody Production Stage Cost ($US)
Adaptation of hybridoma and growth in serum-free media $800
Protein G purification $850



Antibody Stable Cell Line Development

ProMab Biotechnologies offers a proprietary CHO-K1 stable cell line development service for research and biopharma applications. Stably-transfected cell lines are used for many drug discovery assays such as screening and validation. Compared to traditional antibody production methods, utilizing a stable cell line overcomes many production issues and inconsistencies that come with hybridoma production or standard transient expression. For cost-effective large scale production, a stable cell line is the way to express your gene of interest. A stable cell line allows for persistent and reproducible expression for your gene of interest over many passages.
ProMab offers a complete package for stable cell line development utilizing our proprietary CHO-K1 expression vector or we can start from yours. The time consuming and strenuous process will be handled by our team of experts to develop the stable cell lines you need for protein production and cell-based assays. Further assay development and characterization can also be done at our R&D facility, including but not limited to flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, western blot analysis, SPR, and many more.
Contact us to learn more about ProMab's stable cell line development service.
Antibody Stable Cell Line Production  Cost ($US)
DNA reconstruction of recombinant antibody in patented plasmid vector.
Transfection into high expressing system of a human cell line.
Single cell screening and clone selection for the highest producing clone.
Production: Antibody expression and purification from 500 mL culture.
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