Recombinant Antibodies

ProMab Biotechnologies has been dedicated from the first day to develop monoclonal antibodies of the highest quality. We have invested in the recombinant antibody technology to effectively immortalize the best hybridoma clones. This has given us the ability to extend our antibody engineering capabilities, including the generation of bispecific antibodies.


Included in Custom Package

  • Antibody variable region synthesis and cloning
  • Antibody fragment (Fab, scFv, chimeric) validation via western blot and SDS-PAGE
  • Functional validation (options for ELISA, Biacore SPR, WB, IHC, FACS, etc)
  • Large scale production

Starting at $6,500

Generating a recombinant antibody requires expertise in antibody engineering. Our team has decades of antibody engineering experience that helps create a recombinant antibody that works for the intended application.

Phase Description Cost
Phase I DNA synthesis of VH and VL sequences provided by customer $2,500
Subclone VH and VL inserts into expression plasmids --> Heavy chain (HC) and Light chain (LC)
Small-scale antibody expression in mammalian system and validation
Phase II Mid-scale expression of recombinant protein by co-transfection in HEK or CHO cells $1,500
Purification of antibodies by protein G and validation
Phase III Large scale (500mL) expression of recombinant antibodies by transient transfection in HEK cells $2,000
Purification of antibodies by protein G and validation




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