Cell Line Engineering

ProMab Biotechnologies has developed a growing list of engineered cell lines including CAR-T/NK cells and target cells.

Upon our entry into the CAR-T/NK/Macrophage space, we have developed over 60 types of off-the-shelf CAR-T cells and over 15 types of engineered target cell lines for our catalog product list. Our experience also includes over 400 CAR-T projects we have successfully completed for our clients with extensive validation and verification.

ProMab is a full-service CRO to support the custom development of CAR-T, CAR-NK, CAR-Macrophage, Engineered Cell Lines, In-Vitro Validation, and further. Our capabilities also include animal studies involving engineered cell lines, imaging, efficacy tests, further custom tune up or validation, and more.


We can deliver your gene of interest via viral transduction, mRNA electroporation, or LNP transfection

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Immune Cell Engineering

Custom CAR-T

Animal Studies

Protein Expression

Biomarker Discovery

Gene Synthesis – Plasmid Design

We also have off the shelf solutions that will quickly establish and advance your projects in the following areas: