Cell Line Engineering

Combining innovative technology with our extensive experience in cell line production, ProMab Biotechnologies can provide you with custom cell line development for your research needs. Our team has developed a growing list of engineered cell lines including CAR-T, NK, and target cells for immunotherapy. With our expertise in performing gene modifications, we can deliver novel genes of interest to primary and immortalized cell lines. 

Cell lines is a general term used to describe a population of cells that originate from one cell. Stable cell lines are essential in research not only to model disease and biological systems, but also to produce proteins, antibodies, viruses, and more. As they originate from one cell of interest, genetic variation is low which allows researchers to easily replicate their experiments for better validation. ProMab’s reliable cell line development services can help you reduce your timeline while maximizing your experimental outcome. 

Upon our entry into the immunotherapy space, we have developed over 20 types of engineered immunotherapy cell lines for our catalog. We have also successfully executed over 300 cell-line projects with extensive validation and verification. Whether you need ‘ready-made’ cell lines, or custom cell line development services, our experienced team is here to aid you in any step of your project. 

ProMab is a full-service CRO that supports custom development of CAR-T, CAR-NK, CAR-Macrophage, engineered cell lines, and in-vitro validation. Our capabilities also include animal studies involving engineered cell lines, imaging, efficacy tests, further custom tune up and validation studies. To request a quote, or to ask any questions you may have, please contact us using the link below: 



We can deliver your gene of interest via viral transduction, mRNA electroporation, or LNP transfection

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Immune Cell Engineering

Outlined below are the services we offer as part of our custom cell line development service.  For cost-effective large scale production, a stable cell line is the best way to express your gene of interest for persistent and reproducible expression over many passages. We have generated hundreds of tumor cell lines for our catalog that express reporter genes such as GFP and luciferase, and custom projects expressing their gene of interest for clients from academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies. We have expanded our offerings to provide a proprietary CHO-K1 stable cell line development service for research and biopharma applications. More specifically, we now offer custom or off-the-counter cell line development of macrophages, dendritic cells, natural killer cells, T-cells, B-cells, erythrocytes, and monocytes.

In addition to our custom cell line development services, ProMab also offers a vast selection of ‘ready-made’ cell lines that can be shipped immediately. Please request a quote if you are interested in custom or ready-made cell lines, or if you have any questions. 


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We also have off the shelf solutions that will quickly establish and advance your projects in the following areas:


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