Flow Cytometry Services

ProMab Biotechnologies offers expertise in preclinical services for drug candidate validation and enabling studies from proof of concept to investigational new drug submission. Validation and enabling studies are critical for selection of leads with an optimal safety and efficacy profile in cell-based models before entering animal models. We can accelerate your therapeutic or diagnostic development in the preclinical stage to move your program into the clinical stage faster.

ProMab Biotechnologies Custom Flow Cytometry Assays

Flow cytometry is a versatile and powerful technology used heavily in basic research, drug discovery and development, and the clinical laboratory. Preclinical development can require a wide range of flow-based assays. ProMab performs both routine and complex flow cytometry assays, and has the expertise to deliver quality data you can trust. We can assist you with ‘ready to go’ solutions or customized highly multiplexed assays from development, validation, and optimization through sample analysis. We can analyze many specimen types, from whole blood, PBMCs and BMMCs to fresh and frozen tissues, from pre-clinical assays and human clinical trials.

Our services will accelerate your projects and range from cellular characterization, immunophenotyping, immune monitoring, epitope discovery, biomarker development, mechanism of action of compounds, cells response to external stimuli etc.


Figure 1. Flow cytometry diagram.

Flow Cytometry Services

By breaking down tissue samples, and purifying them, we can look at individual cells, e.g white blood cells or liver cells. By further lysing the cells, we can look at the individual cellular components, e.g. nuclei, mitochondria. With flow cytometry we can detect the presence of a certain kind of cells we are looking for. With flow cytometry we can measure the concentration of a given component in relation to the total volume of the sample. Flow cytometry gives information on protein localization (based on isolated region), cell viability (based on proportion of intact and degraded DNA), metabolic capacity (based on nu of mitochondria). See various applications and examples. >>> Flow Cytometry Applications

On-site, ProMab offers flow cytometry on the following instruments:

BD FACS Calibur with blue and red lases, 4 color fluorescent parameters

Acea Novocyte with blue, red and violet lasers with 13 color fluorescent parameters and high-throughput sampler.

Through our partners we have the added capability of tube and plate-based cell sorting and additional fluorescent parameters.

Flow Cytometry Data Acquisition 

We can process samples for you on-site before data acquisition. We can perform flow cytometry acquisition on samples processed by our customers already or sent to us from a third-party lab.

Flow Cytometry Data Analysis

We use FlowJo 10 for data analysis. We offer complex gating strategies customized to your needs.

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For a comprehensive description of flow cytometry and its applications, read review article: McKinnon K. M. (2018). Flow Cytometry: An Overview. Current protocols in immunology120, 5.1.1–5.1.11. https://doi.org/10.1002/cpim.40

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