Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Production

ProMab Biotechnologies dedicated itself from the first day to develop monoclonal antibodies almost exclusively. We have an onsite vivarium and working to establish a GMP facility soon. We keep a veterinarian on staff to make sure our rabbits and
other animals are in the best health.



Included in Custom Package

  • Peptide Design
  • Immunization of 2 New Zealand rabbits
  • Western Blot screening w/ antigen
  • Evaluation of titer by ELISA
  • Anti-sera production
  • Purification in Phase II (optional)

Starting at $2,450

We know how to generate an antibody that is specific to the immunizing antigen and that works for the intended application.

Our technical staff with decades of experience in immunology, biochemistry, and molecular biology will be there to guide your through the 9 to 12-week process.

Phase I

Immunization and anti-sera production:

  • *Conjugated peptides or recombinant proteins are used to immunize 2 rabbits. (See Add-on Services)
  • Injection done every 2 weeks (4 to 6 injections)
  • Pre-immune (5 ml) and immune bleeds (100-120 ml antiserum) are collected
  • ELISA (and Western blot for protein antigen) to determine the titer
    Estimated time: 9-12 weeks Price: $1,950

Phase II


  • Antibody will be precipitated from sera using ammonia persulfate and suspended in PBS containing 0.03% sodium azide.
  • Estimated time: 3 days
  • Price: $500


* It is possible for certain antigens and certain rabbits to have stronger immune response than others. It typically takes 5 injections of antigen into rabbits for a mature immune response. Sometimes additional immunization boosts are required which can add another 2 to 4 weeks to the project. There are also times when it only requires 3 immunization boosts to get the desired titer.


Service Name Price
*Antigen Preparation-Recombinant protein production $2,200*
Peptide synthesis & conjugation $750
Extra rabbit $300
Keep rabbits alive beyond good titer (cost per rabbit per
Peptide or protein affinity purification $850

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