Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies

ProMab Biotechnologies dedicated itself from the first day to developing monoclonal antibodies almost exclusively. We have an onsite vivarium and working to establish a GMP facility soon. We keep a veterinarian on staff to make sure our rabbits and other animals are in the best health.



Included in Custom Package

  • Peptide Design
  • Immunization of 2 New Zealand rabbits
  • Western Blot screening w/ antigen
  • Evaluation of titer by ELISA
  • Identical immunization schedules to RabMab's generated using a standard
    fusion technique
  • Production of a recombinant antibody library
  • Sequence information for both the Heavy and Light chains.
  • Delivery of expression plasmids

Starting at $56,000

We know how to generate an antibody that is specific to the immunizing antigen and that works for the intended application.

Our technical staff with decades of experience in immunology, biochemistry, and molecular biology will be there to guide your through the 24 to 28- week process.


Phase I * Immunization of rabbits with recombinant protein or KLH conjugated peptide.
Isolation of rabbit peripheral blood mononuclear- cells (PBMC) from the animal with the highest ELISA-positive titer, with subsequent screening and sorting of antigen-positive, and IgG-positive B cells
Phase II Total RNA isolation from sorted, antigen-positive B cells, and preparation of surface-display library. $10000
Phase III Multi-round screening of display-library by flow cytometry and panning. Provide up to 5 clones IgG samples to client. $30000
Phase IV Generation of candidate full-length Heavy-chain and Light-chain clones, expression of full-length and complete recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies, and validation to the required applications $10000


 * It is possible for certain antigens and certain rabbits to have stronger immune response than others. It typically takes 5 injections of antigen into rabbits for a mature immune response. Sometimes additional immunization boosts are required which can add another 2 to 4 weeks to the project. There are also times when it only requires 3 immunization boosts to get the desired titer.

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