DC Migration Assay

ProMab Biotechnologies offers Dendritic cells (DCs) migration assay service to help our clients understand the pathogenesis of a range of diseases and accelerate their development of gene therapy-based IO products.

ProMab Biotechnologies Custom DC Migration Assays

DCs are central players of the immune system and their migration into secondary lymphoid organs and tissues plays a crucial role in the initiation of innate and adaptive immunity. Immature DCs with strong migration ability are activated by the hapten-protein complex and differentiated from antigen-capture and processing cells into potent immunostimulatory DCs to present antigen effectively to effector T-cells. Most DC driven responses require their migration to a certain target destination to promote immunity.


Figure 1. Trafficking of intestinal antigen-presenting cells. (Worbs, 2016)

Migration is truly at the heart of dendritic cells biology and most of the migration events are controlled by specific molecular guidance cues, including chemokine-chemokine receptor system (e.g. CCR7, CCL19 and CCL21) and some factors interacting with the DCs cytoskeleton.

ProMab provides a customized, standardized, reliable and DCs migration assay services covering all aspects of DC migration study, such as maturation and mobilization of tissue-resident DCs, intranodal migration and positioning of DCs and the migration in the skin, intestines, lung, central nervous system (CNS), atherosclerosis and inflammatory diseases, etc.

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Worbs, T.; et al. (2016). Dendritic cell migration in health and disease. Nature Reviews Immunology. 17(1), pp.30-48.

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