Gene Synthesis

ProMab Biotechnologies excels in providing top-notch custom gene synthesis services, catering to the unique needs of your research and development projects. Our dedication to precision and quality ensures meticulous construction of every DNA sequence, leading to fast, accurate, and reliable results. Equipped to support both single gene experiments and extensive genetic projects, we guarantee delivery within your timeline and budget. Our competitive pricing and use of advanced automated systems for error-free synthesis make us a go-to for researchers seeking superior quality gene synthesis solutions. Choose ProMab Biotechnologies for a seamless and exceptional gene synthesis experience.

DNA Synthesis

At ProMab Biotechnologies, we are committed to providing exceptional custom gene synthesis services designed to meet the intricate demands of your research and development projects. Our dedication to precision and quality ensures that every DNA sequence is constructed meticulously, guaranteeing fast, accurate, and dependable results. Whether you're working on single gene experiments or large-scale endeavors, our team is equipped to support your objectives, delivering within your desired timeframe and budget. Our competitive pricing and comprehensive expertise make us a leading choice for researchers seeking reliable gene synthesis solutions.

Our utilization of cutting-edge automated systems ensures that the synthesis process is both swift and error-free, reinforcing our commitment to delivering superior quality products. Place your trust in ProMab Biotechnologies for a gene synthesis experience that is not only seamless but also exceeds expectations in quality and reliability.


Pricing & Timelines

Gene Length Price Turnaround Time (Business Days) Optional Services Deliverables
<250 bp $65.00 5-10
  1. Free codon optimization

  2. Free vector deposit

  1. 2-5 ug lyophilized plasmid DNA

  2. Sequencing chromatogram

  3. Certificate of analysis (COA)

250-1,500 bp $0.20/bp 5-10
1,501-3,000 bp $0.21/bp 10-15
3,001-4,500 bp $0.22/bp 15-20
4,501-6,000 bp $0.24/bp 20-25
6,001-8,000 bp $0.25/bp 25-35
>8,001 bp Please Inquire

**Note: Our swift turnaround time is tailored for non-complex sequences, ensuring efficient delivery. By default, genes are cloned into our versatile pUC57-Amp or pUC57-Kan vectors, equipped with multiple cloning sites for enhanced flexibility. Upon request, we also offer custom cloning into any vector you provide, accommodating the unique requirements of your project


DNA Synthesis Applications


  • Cloning & Mutagenesis
  • Antibody Production 
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
  • Vaccine Development 
  • Genome Editing with CRIPSR-Cas9
  • DNA Storage
  • Biochemical Pathway Engineering
  • Educational & Training

Here in ProMab, we can assist you with the following applications to get your results in one go! Our expertise in PCR, CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing, Biochemical Pathway Engineering, and more, ensures that your projects move from concept to completion smoothly and efficiently. Let us help you streamline your research and development processes, ensuring you get the results you need in one seamless workflow.

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RNA Synthesis

At the forefront of RNA synthesis, our team combines chemical synthesis techniques and in vitro transcription (IVT) strategies to meet the unique needs of each client with precision. Our service range includes RNA oligonucleotide synthesis with customizable modifications, functional siRNA, miRNA synthesis, and  in vitro transcription, all manufactured under strict quality control to ensure the highest standards.

RNA Synthesis Applications

Our synthesized RNA finds applications in RNA probe synthesis for hybridization, dsRNA/siRNA for RNA interference, miRNA and gRNA synthesis for gene function research and editing, mRNA/cRNA for electrophysiological studies, noncoding RNA research, and RNA virus genome synthesis for advanced viral studies. Our aim is to empower your research with tailored, high-quality RNA synthesis solutions that advance scientific discovery.

Service Plans

Chemical Synthesis of RNA

Services Details Deliverables
Custom RNA Oligos Offering the creation of both single and double-stranded RNA, alongside the synthesis of extended RNA sequences.
  1. Lyophilized RNA

  2. Certificate of Analysis (COA)

  3. QC Report (MS/HPLC)

siRNA/miRNA Synthesis

Offering an extensive selection of premium siRNA/miRNA synthesis products, alongside a variety of non-coding (NC) products.

  1. Lyophilized RNA

  2. Certificate of Analysis (COA)

  3. QC Report (MS/HPLC)

CRISPR-Cas9 The synthesized sgRNA, when introduced into the cell alongside Cas9 protein or Cas9 mRNA, facilitates subsequent targeting processes.  
  1. Lyophilized RNA

  2. Certificate of Analysis (COA)

  3. QC Report (MS/HPLC)

RNA Modification Complete RNA modification and labeling offerings, including amino, biotin, FAM, HEX, BHQ, Cy3, Cy5, and more.
  1. Lyophilized RNA

  2. Certificate of Analysis (COA)

  3. QC Report (MS/HPLC)

In Vitro Transcription of RNA Synthesis

Services Details Deliverables
Incorporating gene design and synthesis based on a DNA template to enable highly efficient RNA transcription.
  1. From 10 ug to multi-milligram scale

  2. QC Report



Products Name Order Size Purification Turnaround Times (Business Days) Price
NC FAM siRNA 1 HPLC 6-15 Starting from $73 without modification
NC siRNA 1-2
siRNA 2-2500
Modified or fluorescence labeled siRNA (2-OMe, Thiol, Chol, Biotin, FAM, Cy5, Cy3, etc) Inquire Inquire

miRNA Synthesis Pricing & Timeline

Products Name Order Size (OD) Purification Turnaround Time (Business days) Price
NC FAM miRNA mimics 1 HPLC 3-5 days Starting from $325
NC miRNA mimics 1

miRNA mimics

NC FAM miRNA inhibitors 1

NC miRNA inhibitors

miRNA inhibitor 2
miRNA agomirs 2
miRNA antagomirs 2

CRISPR-Cas9 sgRNA Synthesis


ProMab Biotechnologies revolutionizes CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing with our cutting-edge sgRNA synthesis service, utilizing chemical synthesis for unmatched accuracy and modification precision. Our approach delivers sgRNA with unparalleled stability, minimal toxicity, and superior editing efficiency, addressing the challenges of traditional delivery methods like plasmid transfection and lentiviral infection. By choosing our service, researchers can enhance the safety, speed, and efficacy of their gene editing experiments, ensuring 100% correct sequences and desired modifications. Trust ProMab Biotechnologies to elevate your genetic engineering projects with our innovative sgRNA synthesis solution.


Pricing & Timeline


Length (nt) Order Size Modifications Purification Price Business Days
95-105 bases 1-10 OD 2’-OMe and Phosphorothioate HPLC Inquire 7-10


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