Protein Expression Services

  • Customize your protein synthesis
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Large scale production and purification
  • Flexibility to accommodate custom requests and modifications as needed

ProMab Biotechnologies has 15+ years of experience providing CRO services with a skilled team of scientists who will work with you in developing your protein or peptide of interest.


Pros and cons of the various protein expression systems. Each expression system offers various strengths and weaknesses in speed, cost, typical yield, post-translational modifications, and the ability to obtain FDA approval.

  • Our custom protein expression service in E. coli includes large scale production as requested, tag removal as requested, fast turn-around time, and competitive pricing.
  • Our Baculovirus recombinant protein production service includes fast turn-around timeaccessible large scale production, and competitive pricing.
  • Our protein expression and purification service in Mammalian cells allows you to scale up to 50 literspost translational modifications, and is from a human cell line origin with full glycosylation.
  • Our protein production service in Yeast cells combines the advantages of both prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression, includes subcloning into the Pichia expression vectorfast turn-around time, and competitive pricing.
  • Our top-of-the-line peptide synthesis service produced with state of the art peptide synthesizers includes decades of experience in intensive peptide chemistry all at competitive pricing.

In addition to our protein expression services, we also offer:

ProMab Biotechnologies has nearly two decades of experience providing protein expression and purification services as a CRO in antibody development. By producing nearly all of the immunogens for our catalog of over 2000+ antibody products, ProMab has the experience to back our capabilities in custom protein expression.

ProMab offers a comprehensive protein expression service to produce recombinant proteins from many different host systems. Our skilled team of scientists will work directly with you in developing your protein or peptide of interest. Whether it be for your research, functional assays, target validation, or antibody development, our platform allows you to produce your target of interest and streamline it directly towards antibody development or cell line engineering services.