Fully Human Monoclonal Antibody Production Services

Human monoclonal antibodies are synthetic proteins that work like the natural antibodies produced by our immune system. The increasing significance of monoclonal antibodies is apparent as they have therapeutic properties capable of treating various cancer, inflammatory and infectious diseases. At ProMab Biotechnologies, our dedicated scientists can produce fully human monoclonal antibodies for your desired application. We will carry out the human monoclonal antibody production and purification, and deliver the antibody sequence and purified antibody to you. 

Included in Human Library Antibody Package

  • Fab library panning against provided antigen

  • ELISA screening of Fab expressed in E.coli against antigen

  • Sequencing of selected positive clones

  • Heavy and light chain cloning into mammalian expression vector

  • Transient transfection of HEK293 with recombinant plasmids

  • ELISA and western blot confirmation of HEK293 supernatant containing human antibodies

  • Delivery of clone sequences of five positive clones

Antibodies required for therapeutic use will be required to be structurally indistinct to other endogenous circulating human antibodies, to minimize immunogenicity following their introduction into the patient.


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While our hybridoma technology utilizing immunized mice will produce specific antibodies in large scales, it may take several months to receive your desired hybridoma cells. Our Fab antibody library can rapidly and efficiently select new antibodies without requiring modifications to increase their similarity to human antibody variants. Our human monoclonal antibody platform utilizes our naive phage display human Fab library which constitutes sequences derived from the antibody repertoire of approximately 120 individuals with a diversity of approximately 1 x 10¹¹ clones. You can learn more about the process of our human monoclonal antibody platform or request a quote below: 


Generation of Human Antibodies using Fab Library 

To isolate human monoclonal antibodies to a protein of interest, we utilize antigen screening against our naïve human Fab library. Naïve libraries are amplified from primary B-cells of non-immunized donors. The advantage of this type of antibody library is that a single library can be used for the production of human monoclonal antibodies against a diverse variety of antigens. 

Phage display is the most versatile technology for mining human antibody libraries like our naïve library. The Fab from the primary B-cells of non-immunized donors are displayed on the surface of our phage. After incubation of your desired antigen with our phage library, the phage titer is determined by infecting HB2151 cells with the phage that has the best binding affinity to your desired antigen. We then pick the colonies, test binding-affinity with ELISA screening, and the best clones will be sent for sequencing to confirm that the gene is viable as antibody Fab regions. The plasmids will be extracted from the validated clones and co-transfected into mammalian cells to produce the fully human monoclonal antibody for validation by ELISA and western blot. 

We have generated over 300 fully human monoclonal antibodies. Our experienced scientists with decades of experience in immunology, biochemistry, and molecular biology will aid you in the process of designing the fully human monoclonal antibody based on your desired antigen. If you have any questions, or if you are looking to request a quote, please click below: 


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Antibody Humanization


A simple “copy-and-paste” approach to introduce a rodent CDR into a human antibody scaffold will often diminish or destroy the binding specificity and affinity of the original rodent antibody. Humanization therefore will rely on discrete CDR residue substitutions to obtain an optimum balance of minimal immunogenicity toward the antibody, while maintaining the original binding and recognition characteristics.

In addition to our mouse monoclonal antibody platform and fully-human monoclonal antibody platform, ProMab can humanize your already established mouse monoclonal antibody or prepare one from scratch for your desired application. 


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