CAR-T Cell Production

In nearly 5 years we have developed over 30 types of CAR-T/NK cells and target cells with several patented innovations in the CAR construct design. We can construct a CAR based on your antibody sequence or we can generate the entire construct from a mouse monoclonal antibody or fully human single-chain variable antibody fragment (scFv) from our existing library.

ProMab Biotechnologies Custom Chimeric Antigen Receptor Cell Engineering: A complete service, from antigen to clinically relevant solution.

CAR-encoding lentivirus preparations are used to transduce human T cells. Mononuclear cells are isolated from peripheral blood, then T cells are activated with IL-2 and CD3/CD28 macrobeads (cat. # PM-CAR2002) and transduced with lentivirus 24 hours and 48 hours following activation. Cells are then passaged at 2-3 day intervals to maintain proper cell density. Starting on day 8, CAR expression can be detected by flow cytometry, using an anti-mouse or anti-human Fab antibody (or an anti-tag antibody if the CAR is tagged). By day 12 there are enough cells to test the CAR in cytotoxicity and cytokine-induction assays.

The process of generating and expanding CAR-T cells has been improved with an optimized CAR-T expansion media (cat.# PM-CAR2000).

We also screen human PBMC donors from the Stanford University Blood Center. These donors can be used for screening of different markers, checkpoint inhibitors, genomics, proteomics and metabolic analyses. The donors can also be used for antibody and drug discovery projects, to study drug resistance mechanisms and for the discovery of novel biomarkers. These cells can be used to develop personalized medicine or precision medicine approaches.

Our T cell activation and expansion platform mimics what occurs in nature, but with greater efficiency and control.

 Figure 1. Scheme of T cell activation in nature (top) and in ProMab's platform (bottom)

 Figure 2. Representative growth profile of transduced cells.

 Figure 3. Morphology of transduced cells(day 10). 

2~3x109 cells can be produced using ProMab's CAR-T medium (#PM-CAR2000) and CD3/CD28 T cell activation beads (#PM-CAR2001-2003) (Figure 1). The growth of the cells is monitored by counting (Figure 2) and microscopy (Figure 3). 

CAR-T cells can subsequently be purified and isolated by ProMab Biotechnologies CAR-T Extraction Kit.

Figure 4. Scheme of CAR-T cell isolation using ProMab Biotechnologies' antibody-coated magnetic beads 

We have also quantified that the increase of multiplicity of infection (MOI) correlates to an increase in transduction efficiency and CAR expression.

 Figure 5. Comparison by flow cytometry of tagged CAR-T cells generated at either a MOI of 5 or 10.

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