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The spike protein of COVID-19 is a glycoprotein that helps the virus attach to various surfaces in the built environment, increasing the potential for virus transmission. The best-known vaccines we use are the spike protein vaccines delivered via mRNA. While the role of vaccination in controlling outbreaks is undeniable, the recurring emergence of new variants of Covid-19, such as the Delta and Omicron variants, poses new challenges, particularly their rapid global spread. Within the spike protein, there is a receptor-binding domain (RBD), considered a key viral element that allows the coronavirus to dock with target cells. Mutations in the RBD appear in new variants, such as the Delta variant with 2 mutations and the Omicron variant with 15 mutations, posing challenges for pandemic vaccination. This product is designed as a tool for the delivery and expression of wild-type COVID-19 RBD mRNA for vaccine research. The product leverages the lipid nanoparticle (LNP) technology platform for simple and efficient delivery of wild-type COVID-19 RBD mRNA to a variety of mammalian cells in vitro and in vivo. The LNPs used are formulated with SM-102, DSPC, cholesterol and DMG-PEG2000 at an optimal molar concentration for a high rate of encapsulation and efficient mRNA delivery. The RBD protein sequence of the wild-type COVID-19 (Wuhan-Hu-1) consists of 223 amino acids, and the GenPept accession number of the RBD-contained Spike protein is QHD43416. The full-length amino acid sequence of this RBD mRNA-LNP product is available upon request.

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mRNA-LNPs suspended in PBS (-Ca, -Mg) (pH: 7.0-7.4).
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Upon receiving product, briefly pulse spin before opening to ensure product is at bottom of container. It is important not to spin for too long as this may rupture mRNA-LNPs. Do not vortex. Work with mRNA-LNPs on ice and minimize the time that the product spends at room temperature. After handling the product during experiments, return immediately to ice. mRNA-LNP products should only be handled with certified RNase-free reagents and consumables. Use of filtered pipette tips is highly recommended.
4°C; ice
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FACS Analysis for RBD protein
Figure 1: HEK293S cells stained by RBD Antibody from R&D System (Cat: MAB10540) 24/48 hours post-transfections.
Figure 1: HEK293S cells stained by RBD Antibody from R&D System (Cat: MAB10540) 24/48 hours post-transfections.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.