Human Normal PB CD8+/CD45RA+ Naïve Cytotoxic T Cells

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CD8+ CD45RA+ T cells are naive cytotoxic T cells. As newly formed T cells become activated and progress from naive to memory cells, different isoforms of CD45 is expressed. In particular, CD45RA marks the naive state of T cell differentiation. Naive T cells have not encountered their cognate antigen within the secondary lymphoid organs, and when they do, their activation leads to loss of CD45RA and expression of CD45RO as well as expression of other surface markers of effector memory state. Our Human Peripheral Blood CD8+/CD45RA+ Naïve Cytotoxic T cells are isolated from peripheral blood mononuclear cells by negative immunomagnetic selection. All peripheral blood is collected in acid-citrate-dextrose formula A (ACDA) by leukophoresis from fully consented IRB approved donors that are tested negative for HIV, HBV and HCV.

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-80°C; liquid nitrogen
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.