Human Cord Blood CD4+/ CD45RA+ Naive T cells

Frozen Cord Blood CD4+/CD45RA+ Naive T Cells
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Description CD4 and CD45RA, the highest molecular weight isoform of CD45, are co-expressed on naive CD4+T cells. A naïve T cell (Th0 cell) is a T cell that has differentiated in bone marrow, and successfully undergone the positive and negative processes of central selection in the thymus. A naïve T cell is considered mature and, unlike activated or memory T cells, has not encountered its cognate antigen within the periphery. Our Human Cord Blood CD4+/CD45RA+ naive T cells are isolated from cord blood mononuclear cells using immunomagnetic selection. All cord blood is collected in Citric Phosphate with Dextrose Buffer (CPD) from fully consented IRB approved donors and protocol.

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