SKP1 Primary Antibody

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30294 100μl $341.00
AliasesOCP2; p19A; EMC19; SKP1A; OCP-II; TCEB1L; MGC34403
Product OrderS
Entrez GeneID6500
FormulationAscitic fluid containing 0.03% sodium azide.\
ImmunogenPurified recombinant fragment of human SKP1 expressed in E. Coli.\
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Species ReactivityHuman
ICC (Immunocytochemistry)1/200 - 1/1000
IHC_P (Immunohistochemistry) 1/200 - 1/1000
FCM (Flow Cytometry)1/200 - 1/400

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Western Blot

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Figure 1: Western blot analysis using SKP1 mAb against human SKP1 (AA: 1-160) recombinant protein. (Expected MW is 43.5 kDa)

Western Blot

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Figure 2: Western blot analysis using SKP1 mouse mAb against Hela (1), NIH/3T3 (2), A431 (3), RAJI (4), PC-12 (5), Cos7 (6), MCF-7 (7) and HepG2 (8) cell lysate.

Immunohistochemical analysis

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Figure 3: Immunohistochemical analysis of paraffin-embedded rectum cancer tissues using SKP1 mouse mAb with DAB staining.

Immunofluorescence analysis

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Figure 4: Immunofluorescence analysis of Hela cells using SKP1 mouse mAb (green). Blue: DRAQ5 fluorescent DNA dye. Red: Actin filaments have been labeled with Alexa Fluor-555 phalloidin.

Flow cytometric

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Figure 5: Flow cytometric analysis of NIH/3T3 cells using SKP1 mouse mAb (green) and negative control (red).


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Black line: Control Antigen (100 ng); Purple line: Antigen(10ng); Blue line: Antigen (50 ng); Red line: Antigen (100 ng);
Tissue Array Results
Position Tissues Name Result Localization
Nucleus Cytoplasm Membrane
A1/2 Esophageal Cancer -
B1/2 Esophageal Cancer -
C1/2 Esophagus -
D1/2 Esophagus -
E1/2 Stomach Cancer -
F1/2 Stomach Cancer -
G1/2 Stomach -
H1/2 Stomach -
A3/4 Colon Cancer -
B3/4 Colon Cancer -
C3/4 Colon -
D3/4 Duodenum -
E3/4 Rectal Cancer +
F3/4 Rectal Cancer +
G3/4 Rectum +
H3/4 Testis -
A5/6 Hepatic Carcinoma -
B5/6 Hepatic Carcinoma -
C5/6 Liver -
D5/6 Renal cell Carcinoma -
E5/6 Kidney -
F5/6 Pancreas -
G5/6 Prostate Cancer -
H5/6 Lymphoid tissue -
A7/8 Lung Cancer -
C7/8 Lung -
D7/8 Brain -
E7/8 Brain -
F7/8 Medulla oblongata -
G7/8 Cerebellar -
H7/8 Skeletal muscle -
A9/10 Breast Cancer -
B9/10 Breast Cancer -
C9/10 Ovarian Cancer -
D9/10 Ovarian Cancer +
E9/10 Endometrial Cancer -
F9/10 Cervical Cancer +
G9/10 Bladder Cancer -
H9/10 Myocardial -
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Product Overview
Description This gene encodes a component of SCF complexes, which are composed of this protein, cullin 1, a ring-box protein, and one member of the F-box family of proteins. This protein binds directly to the F-box motif found in F-box proteins. SCF complexes are involved in the regulated ubiquitination of specific protein substrates, which targets them for degradation by the proteosome. Specific F-box proteins recognize different target protein(s), and many specific SCF substrates have been identified including regulators of cell cycle progression and development. Studies have also characterized the protein as an RNA polymerase II elongation factor. Alternative splicing of this gene results in two transcript variants. A related pseudogene has been identified on chromosome 7.
References (references)
References (references) 1. J Virol. 2009 Dec;83(23):12068-83.
2. Cell. 2009 Jul 23;138(2):389-403.

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