GST-Alpha Spectrin Recombinant Protein

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AliasesSpectrin alpha chain erythrocyte, Erythroid alpha-spectrin, SPTA1, SPTA, EL2, HPP, HS3, SPH3.
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FormulationThe protein (1.7mg/ml) contains 50mM Tris buffer pH-8 and 10mM glutathione.
Shipping InformationThis product will ship in a box containing blue ice at a temperature of 4°C.  Learn More

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Product Overview
Description Recombinant fusion protein: Glutathione-S-Transferase (GST) and a fragment of human a-spectrin (from Lysine 1601 to Leucine 1818) containing repeat 17 and the ubiquitination target lysine 27. The total molecular weight of the fusion protein is 52.4 kDa.

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