HSA Natural Protein

Item Information
Catalog # Size/Concentration Price
Pr21128 100mg $50.00
500mg $130.00
5gram $750.00
AliasesSerum albumin, ALB, PRO0883, PRO0903, PRO1341, DKFZp779N1935, GIG20, GIG42, PRO1708, PRO2044, PRO2619, PRO2675, UNQ696, SA, HSA.
Product OrderH
Formulation0.25gr/ml solution containing no additives.
Shipping InformationThis product will ship in a box containing blue ice at a temperature of 4°C.  Learn More
Species ReactivityHuman

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Product Overview
Description Human Serum Albumin contains 584 amino acid residues derived from the prototypical human serum albumin sequence. Suitable for use in biochemical, excipient (an inert substance used as a diluent or vehicle for a drug), culture media and chromatographic app

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