GSTO1 Human Recombinant Protein

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AliasesGlutathione S-transferase omega-1O 1-1O1TLP28, P28, DKFZp686H13163.
FormulationGSTO1 protein is supplied in 20 mM Tris pH 8.0 and 50% glycerol.
Shipping InformationThis product will ship in a box containing blue ice at a temperature of 4°C. Learn More
Species ReactivityHuman
Catalog#: Pr20876
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Product Overview

GSTO1 Human Recombinant produced in E.Coli is single, a non-glycosylated, Polypeptide chain containing 241 amino acids fragment (1-241) having a Mw of 32.1 kDa.GSTO1 is fused with an amino-terminal hexahistidine tag having a total Mw of 36kDa and pur