Non-transduced T-cells, CLL

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PM-CAR2005 1x10^6 cells $550.00
2x10^6 cells $750.00
1x10^7 cells $2000.00
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IgG control measured with flow cytometry

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Figure 3: Non-transduced cells have background IgG staining versus >60% CAR-T cells (Not shown).
Product Overview
Description The non-transduced T cells, CLL donor are isolated from PBMC (peripheral blood mononuclear cells) of CLL donor using standard Ficoll-Paque and density gradient centrifugation. The T cells can be used for generating CAR-T cells, for selection different subtypes of cells CD4+, CD8+ or others and used for different immunological experiments. The cells are isolated from different donors and can be used for personalized medicine approach. In addition, non-transduced T cells can be isolated from patients with other hematological diseases (CLL, NHL, catalogue numbers PM-CAR2005-2006) and normal donors PMCAR2003.

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