Her2scFv-TM-CD28-CD3z /// tEGFR

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Her2scFv-TM-CD28-CD3z /// tEGFR CAR-T cells are generated with a lentivirus expressing CAR from normal human healthy donors. All cells are available at 1x10^6 to 1x10^7 cells in frozen vials, and shipped on dry-ice. For orders larger than >1x10^9, please inquire. CAR-T cells are cryopreserved in next-generation cryopreservation CS10 CryoStor medium (Sigma Aldrich, Catalog Number: C2874). All our cells are pathogen- and mycoplasma- free.

Product Overview
Cell Type Tested
T cells
CS10 CryoStor Medium (Sigma Aldrich, Cat, #C2874)
Cell Viability
Mycoplasma Testing
The cells has been screened using a PCR-based mycoplasma detection kit to conirm the absence of mycoplasma species.
-80°C; liquid nitrogen
Shipping & Handing
This product will be shipped in a box containing dry ice at a temperature of -70°C.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.