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PM-RAJI-GFP 1x10^6 cells $6000.00
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1x10^9 cells $0.00
2x10^6 cells $9000.00
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Description A cell of a cultured line of lymphoblastoid cells derived from a Burkitt lymphoma; it possesses numerous receptors for a certain complement components and is thus suitable for use in detection of immune complexes. It expresses certain complement receptors as well as Fc receptors for immunoglobulin G. Raji cells which are CD19+ are generated using lentiviral GFP transduction (CD19+eGFP cells). These cells can be used as target cells for CAR-T with CD19-CAR-T cells. The cells stably express GFP and are about 80% positive for GFP expression.
References (references)
References (references) Pulvertaft JV. Cytology of Burkitt’s tumour (African lymphoma). Lancet 1: 238-240, 1964. PubMed: 14086209

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