HeLa CD19+

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PM-HELA-CD19 1x10^6 cells $8000.00
1x10^7 cells $32000.00
1x10^9 cells $0.00
2x10^6 cells $12000.00
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Shipping InformationThis product will ship in a box containing dry ice at a temperature of -80°C.  Learn More

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Product Overview
Description Hela cells are cervical cancer carcinoma cells which are available from ATCC (Hela, ATCC CCL-2). Hela cells were stably transformed with CD19. CD19 (cluster of differentiation 19) is a protein that is overexpressed in B cell cancers. Expression of CD19 was confirmed by flow cytometry with anti-CD19-PE antibody. The cells are available in frozen vials, shipped on dry ice, or growing in a tissue culture flask, shipped at room temperature.

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