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PM-CAR1022 1x10^6 cells $1100.00
2x10^6 cells $1650.00
1x10^7 cells $4400.00
1x10^9 cells $0.00
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Shipping InformationThis product will ship in a box containing dry ice at a temperature of -80°C.  Learn More

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Bioassay measuring cell count of target cells in the presence or absence of effector cells.

Cell Culture Products
Figure 2: Real-time cytotoxicity assay (RTCA) with BxPC3 pancreatic cancer target cells and effector EGFRscFv-4-1BB-CD3ζ

versus EGFRscFv-CD28-CD3ζ and EGFRscFv-GITR-CD3ζ CAR T-cells

Cell Culture Products
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Description The EGFRscFv-CD28-CD3z, EGFRscFv-4-1BB-CD3z, and EGFRscFv-GITR-CD3z with CD3z control CAR-T cells are available at 1x107-1x109 cells in frozen vials and shipped on dry-ice. The Control Delta CD3 z CAR-T cells were cryopreserved in the next-generation cryopreservation CS10 CryoStor medium (Sigma Aldrich, Catalog Number: C2874. CryoStor is a registered trademark of BioLife Solutions, Inc.). All our cells are pathogen- and mycoplasma free.

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