Cancer Stem Premium™

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Cell Culture Products
Figure 1: Cancer Stem Premium™ in 500 ml and 100 ml size options.

Microscope image of tumorspheres

Cell Culture Products
Figure 2: Morphology of tumor spheres, formed from adherent populations cultured in Cancer Stem Premium™ for 10 days.

Tumor cell line growth curves after 14 days in culture

Cell Culture Products

(A) MCF-7-associated tumorspheres, 8-days in culture.

Cell Culture Products
Product Overview

Cancer Stem Premium™ a specialized serum-free media optimized for the growth and selection of spheroid forming CSC’s. As Cancer Stem Medium was developed specifically to examine both established and novel cell CSC-specific surface markers, the user can be assured of its potency as a tool to allow for the analysis of the developing CSC and associated tumorspheres.

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