Products & Custom Orders for 2019 Novel Coronavirus Research

Products & Custom Orders for 2019 Novel Coronavirus Research

The 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is a new virus that causes respiratory illness in people and can spread from person to person. This virus was first identified during an investigation into an outbreak in Wuhan, China. ProMab’s antibody development platform allows us to help researchers advance their projects. In the wake of this epidemic, ProMab can offer multiple Novel Coronavirus research products and solutions to expedite their projects:

  1. 1. Reagents for molecular diagnostics
  2. 2. Proteins/antigens for immunological diagnostics
  3. 3. Proteins/antigens for vaccine research
  4. 4. Antibodies for drug development

Many of these Novel Coronavirus products are ready to use. If the products are not available, please contact us to learn more about the current stock and lead time. Custom development services are also available.

Reagents for molecular diagnostics

Template DNA
RT-qPCR detection systems

Proteins/antigens/antibody products

E. coli expression system
Spike protein 1 (S1) RBD-His
Nucleocapsid protein fragment 1 (NP-1)-His
Nucleocapsid protein fragment 2 (NP-2)-His
Nucleocapsid protein fragment 3 (NP-3)-His

Mammalian expression system
Spike protein 1 (S1) RBD-mFc
Spike protein 1 (S1) RBD-hFc
Spike protein 1 (S1) full length-mFc
Spike protein 1 (S1) full length-hFc
Spike protein 1 (S1) full length-His
Human antibody to RBD
ACE2 extracellular domain (aa1-615)

Yeast expression system
Spike protein 1 (S1) RBD-c-Myc-His
Human antibody to RBD

Baculovirus expression system
Nucleocapsid protein (NP) full length-His

Spike protein (S1)

Stable Cell Line
ACE2 overexpression

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