ProMab Presents Promising Results in Humanized CD19 CAR-T Cells Trial

ProMab’s humanized CD19 CAR-T platform is a CAR T-cell therapy approved for adults with treatment of relapsed and refractory hematological tumors. By empowering an individual’s immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells, CAR-T cell therapy can give the individual a fighting chance when cancer returns or resists other treatments. “In our clinical study of 10 patients with hematological tumors who had experienced other treatment failures, ProMab helped 70% [7 out of 10] of patients achieve complete remission,” said John Wu, President and CEO of ProMab. “We are aiming to provide patients with alternative means to treat their hematological tumors and save more lives. ProMab’s CAR-T/NK cell technology platforms can meet that goal. Our study with humanized CD19 CAR-T cells for the treatment of relapsed and refractory hematological tumors have demonstrated hope for patients and the future of CAR-T technology,” added John Wu.

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