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Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production

ProMab Biotechnologies provides a high-quality custom polyclonal antibody production service. See below for our custom polyclonal service breakdown by phase.

Breakdown of Standard Polyclonal Service by Phase:

Phase I
Immunization and anti-sera production
*Conjugated peptides or recombinant proteins are used to immunize 2 rabbits.
Injection done every 2 weeks (4 to 6 injections)
Pre-immune (5 ml) and immune bleeds (100-120 ml antiserum) are collected
ELISA (and Western blot for protein antigen) to determine the titer
Estimated time: 9-12 weeks
Price: $700

Phase II
Antibody will be precipitated from sera using ammonia persulfate and suspended in PBS containing 0.03% sodium azide.
Estimated time: 3 days
Price: $290

Additional available services:

We also provide many additional services including peptide synthesis, ascites production, antibody purification, and much more.
Service Name Price
Antigen preparation-Recombinant protein production $1,800
Peptide synthesis & conjugation $500
Extra rabbit $150
Keep rabbits alive beyond good titer (cost per rabbit per month) $100
Peptide or protein affinity purification $600