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Ascites Production Service

ProMab Biotechnologies provides in vivo ascites production services which can be used as an alternative for monoclonal antibody production. Ascites production is one of the most cost effective and efficient ways of generating large quantities of specific monoclonal antibodies.

We offer four mouse-scales of ascites production services as seen in the table below. Pricing per mouse decreases with increasing number of mice ordered.

Please send inquiries to [email protected] for more information about our ascites production services. We also offer a number of services to complement our ascites production service including screening, purification and labeling. 

Services Description Price
Ascites Ascites production (<11 mice ) $30/mouse+$200 setup fee
Ascites production (11-50 mice) $26/mouse+$200 setup fee
Ascites production (51-99 mice ) $24/mouse+$200 setup fee
Ascites production (>99 mice ) $20/mouse+$200 setup fee
Related Services Description Price
Peptide Peptide synthesis and conjugation  $500
Peptide synthesis without conjugation  $350
Peptide conjugation $150
Screening Additional clones (>10) in Phase II $50 per clone
Negative screening $300
Extra screening with IHC $300
Additional clones (>2) in Phase III $300 per clone
Cell-line adaptation to serum free medium $1,000
Purification Antibody purification $30/mouse
Antibody culture in bioreactor, per liter $1,100
Antibody culture in flask, per liter $1,000
Antibody purification by protein G from one liter of medium $600
Antibody purification by protein G from ascites (20mg) $300
Labeling Antibody conjugation with FITC, per mg $600
Antibody conjugation with HRP, per mg $600
Antibody  biotinylation, per mg $600
Other Cell banking and storage of 10 ampules after first two months $30/month
Antibody epitope mapping by peptide library $1,200